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Founder/Executive Producer


Joshua Lipkin is a 16 year veteran of the television industry. Josh was an integral part of the beginning days of G4 Network. Working on almost all aspects of the networks' original programming, Josh worked as the lead and developing editor for the critically acclaimed Ninja Warrior series. 

Josh transitioned naturally into the rest of the Comcast family of networks, working on programs such as True Hollywood Story and Fashion Police, both on the E! network. Finding his place working between E!, Style, G4 and Versus simultaneously, Josh picked up editing duties on the entire family of Soup programs: The Soup, Sports Soup, Web Soup and The Dish. Josh also worked on a variety of clips shows and development projects.

Eventually, he decided to make the move to the city that never sleeps, New York City. Before even landing, he was already booked on the nationally syndicated talk show, The Bill Cunningham Show. Working as a senior editor, Josh was in charge of all media management, back up systems, technical processes and workflow, in addition to cutting episodes and teases.

In order to expand his horizons and keep his skills sharp, Josh found other freelance projects for his down time at major production houses such as Sharp Entertainment and Jupiter Entertainment. Gaining experience on shows such as Love/Lust on Sundance Channel and Mind Games for The Discovery Network, Josh's experience and travels (including Atlanta) have given him the skills and insight that many people in production do not possess. He is extremely technical yet still has an eye for detail. He thrives on the creative aspect of the editing process, having been able to do much of his own producing. Josh is the perfect all around editor that can pick up in the middle of a production or help to develop it from the start.


Making the transition from broadcast to commercial was a natural progression for Josh. Seeking new creative, hands on and exciting content, Josh founded GreyLee Creative.  His company focuses on creating dynamic and impressionable content for business and their products through video production and graphics creation.









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